Meet the Team

Neil Kedward

I have always been an adventurer at heart. My father always encouraging me to go and see the world. Our family holidays were invariably in these isles so I have fond memories of our time by the seaside in Bournemouth and Cornwall or staying on farms in the Wye valley. My first international adventure was as a seventeen year old in Canada with my inspiring older cousin who innately understands the idea of creating magical experiences. It was this trip that gifted me the travel bug and so my backpacking days began focusing on the less trodden parts of Central America, South East Asia and Africa. As I have moved through my professional career, my appreciation of what these extraordinary small isles have to offer has grown. I feel blessed to have explored throughout these lands, bagged many Munroe’s, discovered pristine deserted beaches, wonderful hideaways and being continually enlightened by the stories and rich history that make the experience of travelling here so special. My passion for adventure, great food and warm hospitality means that that I love giving clients the little insights that I know will make their journey an exceptional one. In my spare time you will find me walking the Pembrokeshire Coastal path with my wife and my mischievous labradoodle.

Zoe Kedward

As a Forces child, I enjoyed the variety of living across the British Isles including Scotland, Norfolk, and Dorset. I went to university in Exeter, Devon, and then moved east to Sussex for my first job in travel and leisure with American Express where I was lucky enough to work both in Paris and London . I come from a family of explorers, so have had over the years every opportunity to hike the hills, forests, and villages, explore beautiful gardens, ancient castles, and splendid mansions. I love discovering the secrets and history of a place, finding out how and why it’s changed. Although I have lived in Scotland, England and now beautiful Wales, my origins are from Ireland. All my family live there, and my earliest holiday memories were formed travelling the Emerald Isle with my father tracing his ancestors. I fondly recollect days spent on the empty beaches west of Galway and travelling the length of misty Lough Corrib sprinkled with old stone cottages in low walled fields. The evocative smell of peat fires will always transport me back there. It’s probably why I feel so at home in Wales, where the landscapes mirrors and echo those earliest memories. Even the Bara Brith competes with Irish tea brack.

Louise Lewis

I enjoy everything connected to travel. As travellers, we all love to see new places, experience the culture, food, architecture and landscapes of a destination. But for me, a trip begins with the first thought of ”Where to next?”. I relish in the planning, research and organization of a holiday. I am originally from the north of England and spent my childhood exploring the hills of the Derbyshire Dales and Peak District National Park hiking in my little red wellington boots from the age of 4. Summer holidays took us to the coast in Cornwall and Devon it was always a treat to be by the sea. In my twenties I took a solo year‐long round the world trip covering Asia, Australia, New Zealand and California. Since then I have explored India, parts of South Africa and much of Europe, always seeking to discover the culture, meet local people, explore the natural beauty and learn about the native wildlife. After living in France for a number of years running a horse riding holiday centre, I moved back to the UK to live in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire, Wales. Here I looked after the day to day operations of a leading luxury country house hotel as the General Manager. My role at Routescape draws upon my passions for authentic travel and extraordinary hotels and inns.

Sarah Griffiths

Born in Singapore, I moved back home to Wales at an age where travel is more impression than experience. But this first taste of the world left me with an innate desire to explore. My happiest childhood memories are of family holidays, sampling foods and discovering new cultures. The stuffed peppers and tomatoes in Greece, crepes in Brittany and my first proper Italian pizza. I distinctly remember the awe I felt at seeing my first waved‐washed lighthouse at Beachy Head and the thrill of walking the hills of Wales with my little sister. After finishing University I travelled widely, living abroad and teaching English. I was wowed by Asia, so different from my rural Welsh home, with the bluest seas, the most exotic temples and statues, and the tallest skyscrapers. While travelling in Australia and I was so impressed by one of the tour guides, it spurred me on to become involved in inbound tourism back home. I gained my tourist guide qualifications for Wales and I’ve been lucky enough to guide for cruise ship excursions, coastal walks and private tours before finding my current role with Routescape. With my interest in people, history, landscape and culture, working for Routescape is my dream job. It’s my opportunity to combine my experience of travelling, holidaying and studying to create tailormade holidays in memorable locations for visitors to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Anna Butler

My hiking‐boot clad feet have pounded the Himalayas, Inca Trail, beautiful cities of Europe and the Steppes of Mongolia. But they always bring me home to these pretty Isles. My first truly independent travel experience was a whirlwind of exotic smells, bright colours, chaos and excitement. The slightly fearful anticipation of seeing something new and different, of learning about different cultures and letting it seep into my heart. At university I naturally gravitated towards sustainability, eventually completing my Masters in Environment and Development. With that under my belt I set off to the land of eternal blue skies, a place I had always dreamed of visiting. After years of working with inbound volunteers, donors and International NGO in Mongolia, I discovered my love of creating tailored experiences that showed off the best of my then home. So began my love affair with the Mongolian Travel Industry! But my heart pined for the cosy Cwtch’s of Wales, the misty glens of Scotland and the bustling city of London. Not to mention fish and chips! My most memorable journey has been returning to Wales and exploring all the forgotten nooks, rediscovering castles, beaches, wild live music and a beautifully warm culture. I was lucky enough to find a place at Routescape where I feel truly at home. My favourite part of working at here is being able to share my passion for the British Isles with our clients and to help them to create their own exceptional journeys.