Refined Romance

Romance and La Belle France go hand in hand. There is something about the soft light falling through vine covered terraces, the aroma of fresh coffee and the sweet tang of patisserie chocolate. From the elegance of chic Paris to the grand sophistication and time-old traditions of the resplendent Loire Valley, France characterises a refined charm that helps us fall in love. Let us take you on a journey to uncover the true flavour of the country, on the path less trodden through the most spectacular landscapes, to find undiscovered local gems.

France at a glance

  • France is an ancient land of sweeping vineyards, magnificent architecture, romantic villages and vibrant cities, with distinct regional cultures and cuisines waiting to be discovered.
  • The French are renowned for their art de vivre, the appreciation for the little things; that morning coffee enjoyed overlooking the stunning landscape, or an evening spent wandering the cobbled streets of a market village nestled in the mountains.
  • A country of wonderful contrasts; Chic and modern Paris embodies refined romance, while the UNESCO medieval towns and villages built around the hallowed halls of vast gothic Cathedrals breathe traditional charm.
  • For the wine connoisseur or casual admirer, the rolling wine lands of Burgundy and Bordeaux present endless opportunities to nose vintages of distinction and delve underground into the most revered cellars lined with grand cru.
  • The history lover will relish the Chateaux of the opulent Loire Valley and magnificent castles perched along the Dordogne; the harbour towns jostling the waterfront of Brittany and the melancholy beaches of Normandy. But never fear, you are seldom far from a vibrant local farmers market that time forgot or excellent restaurant brimming with Gallic charm.
  • In a land infused with artistic masterpieces, you will find the true treasures in hidden local studios and galleries, where a conversation with a local can turn into a long-lasting connection and a unique experience to hold dear.
  • Must do’s include walking the ramparts of Mont St Michel for stunning vista’s across the Bay, touring the Loire Valley’s sumptuous chateaux for a peak into the ostentatious lives of 16th century French aristocracy and sampling the rich bouquets of the endless vineyards with a resident expert.
  • Gastronomy is an art-form in the land of the Gauls, flaunting a rich diversity of dishes, from a simple Normandy oyster, a delicate piece of pigeon breast, slow cooked veal, to a succulent Limousin fillet steak. The French use their confident flare to elevate the flavour of the humblest of fresh, seasonal ingredients to create the most sophisticated of comfort foods.
  • All regions are easily accessible with 34 international airports and wide autoroutes across the country.